The Fifth Generation (5G) is the new version of media-less service. It is committed to be of high speed and give more devices to connect by making use of higher frequencies called ‘millimeter waves’. Millimeter waves contains shorter range and this will require telecom firms to build hundreds of thousands of towers to pass them. Considering the expected speeds which are between 10 and 20 times faster as compared to the on-market networks as well as their ability to connect several devices, 5G capacity is clearly defined. This network carriers efforts can be seen in building their networks with a mission.. This indicates more towers thus more dangerous radiation. 
Approximately, only 5% of U.S. adults who do not use cellphones. On estimation, by 2021, the number of adults using cellphones will increase and there may be more, on estimation 28 billion devices, connected. Addition of hundreds of thousands of new towers will increase the carcinogenic side effects radiation caused by cell phone. This is because the current network service prescriptions provides protection to users from acute problems because of the heat produced by the cell phones. 
Electromagnetic fields (Emfs) that are connected to radio frequency radiation are said to stimulate oxidative stress. This oxidative stress is said to be harmful as it causes most of the acute and chronic diseases. Electromagnetic fields that causes radio frequency radiation, is known to be carcinogenic to humans, causing depression and anxiety, damage of the DNA, as well as fertility problems. 
Fifth Generation cell towers will pose a more complex denser mass of electrosmog due to the high frequencies at low and short-range intensities. The new wavelengths have more effects on the skin. This is because the body of a human has sweat ducts ranging from two to four million. These sweat ducts functions like an array of helical antennas when brought closer to such wavelengths. This means that our bodies are triggered to be more conductive. Research shows that the 5G Cell towers has a penetration depth which transmits more than 90% power thus being absorbed in the epidermis and dermis layer of humans. Human nociceptors swell up when exposed to high wavelength hence damaging the stimuli. This poses more likelihood of many skin diseases and cancer, including physical pain to human body. 
The 5G Cell Towers have millimeter wave antennas which promote thermal injuries to the human eyes of changing types of levels. These thermal effects caused by millimeter-waves penetrates under the surface of the eye. Since there will be more use of cell phones, more microwave radiation emission will damage the lens epithelial cells of people. 
5G Cell Towers are estimated to carry frequencies ranging from 53 to 78 Gigger hertz which damages the heart. These frequencies promotes the variables in the heart rate which symbolizes stress. The high frequencies have also effects on the immune system issues. Microwave radiation exposure has a high effect on the indices of nonspecific immunity. 
Due to the more microwave radiations as a result of increased use of cell phones, will also promote bacteria resistance. Research shows that short millimeter wave’s interaction with bacteria stops their sensitivity upon various biologically active chemical such as antibiotics. When millimeter waves and antibiotics are combined, antibiotics resistance especially in bacteria is stimulated. This has dangerous effect on the health of people since the band-witch is introduced statewide. This is because as we introduce a lower resistance to bacteria, our body’s health becomes at a risk. 
5G Cell Towers not only have serious problems to human well-being, but also on the well-being of every living thing it is exposed to, including plants. It exposes environmental health at problems in various ways. To begin with, Millimeter waves puts plants health at high risk in that, when leaves of plants are exposed to low-intensity millimeter waves causes peroxidase isonzyme spectrum to change hence causing stress response which damages the cells. This promotes plants irradiation leading to contamination of both planet’s flora and supply of food. 
Additionally, 5G Cell Towers has effects to the earth’s atmosphere. Implementing the network will demand the use of several, short-lifespan satellites through suborbital rockets powered by hydrocarbon rocket engines. Introducing all these rockets will emit adequate black carbon into the atmosphere. This has many health issues including; effects on distribution of ozone and temperature and global atmosphere pollution. Dangerous, Solid-State rocket emissions has chlorine, which is a chemical that destroys the ozone layer. 
In conclusion, 5G Cell Towers is dangerous and correct safety should be put in place.

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