The next Big Thing in Electronics

We have become a society that thrives off high speed solutions for life’s everyday problems. The days of waiting patiently for tips, advice, and instruction are now only fingertips away. Today’s modern advances in electronics have formed and shaped this generation unlike ever before. We now find ourselves bombarded on a regular basis with countless gadgets and devices to assist these high speed needs. 

The introduction to the brand new navigation device VIZR, has seemed to generate a ton of interest among consumers of late. With the ability to assist everyday driving in a safely matter unlike before, the VIZR navigation device has become the next big thing in electronics. With the rise in the amount of fatal car accidents reaching an all-time level, there have been numerous gadgets and devices that unfortunately, have only assisted to the demise of countless drivers. In addition to such a dramatic rise in annual deaths, lawmakers and law enforcement have been cracking down on countless Americans that neglect the safety of others unlike ever before. With various companies and distributors dealing with lawsuits and legal settlements, the electronic industry seems to never stop in the pursuit and advancement for safer products for the modern day consumer. 

The VIZR navigation device equip the driver and operator of a motor vehicle with the ability to use this unique device in a safe and productive manner. This newly designed device allows the driver to keep their eyes on the road, while still having the ability to glance at the VIZR device. By placing the VIZR navigation device on the dashboard of any vehicle, and mounting it firmly behind the steering wheel, this allows the driver far more access of the device, without neglecting the safety of themselves and others. There have been countless models of vehicles manufactured and designed with the use of a navigation system. Unlike the VIZR navigation device, these various models of vehicles, have placed there system in the area of the radio and c.d player of the particular vehicle. This has only added to the list of possible distractions, that the average driver might be confronted with while operating a motor vehicle. Most people that own newly designed models of such vehicles, still find themselves having to turn their heads to the right and placing their eyesight down, to obtain the information displayed on their vehicle’s built-in navigation scree. Taking your eyes off the road, even for just a split second, is very dangerous and is the leading cause of 90% of all vehicle accidents. By the placement of the VIZR navigation device, this allows the driver the ability to keep their eyes and focus still on the road, while still having the ability to glance at the device for an approaching required turn or exit. 

Not only has this new and vibrant navigation device improved and advanced safety for newer models of various vehicles, but also has been more effective for older models. With the newer and more recent models of vehicles on the the market today, almost all come equipped with their own version of a built-in navigational devise and option. While the placement of the VIZR device has dramatically improved safety concerns, by becoming a safer alternative for new vehicles, older models of vehicles rarely come with a navigation systems at all. This allows the owner’s of such vehicles to install their vehicle with the safer and more correct means of how society should approach the use of a navigation device. Unlike the built-in versions for navigation, the drivers of older model vehicles can take pride in knowing, that their vehicle is equipped with the proper and more advanced form of navigation, that regards safety above anything else. 

VIZR simply transforms the consumer’s smartphone into a safer and more productive way to use a navigating system while driving. After placing your smartphone in the proper mounting area, directly behind the steering wheel, download the free app that has HUD mode. This will help and assist your navigation needs absolutely hands free while driving. In addition to being a safer means of a how people can obtain help from navigation and GPS, the VIZR device also comes equipped with important features. Such features include the posted speed limit of the particular area of travel, as well as weather updates and compass directions. The use of VIZR can be used in any size or model of any particular vehicle. The devise also works in various weather conditions while also having the ability to work and operate correctly day or night. In fact, the use of the VIZR HEADS UP Devise, has also been used by various airplane pilots, including both commercial and recreational. This seems like a good electronic devise, the kind that very well be here to stay.

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