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JC PHYSICAL THERAPY offers services such as back pain therapy, foot and ankle therapy, hand and wrist therapy, an infrared sauna, knee therapy, manual therapy, neck/cervical therapy, pelvic floor therapy, shoulder therapy, and visceral manipulation. Look into https://www.jcptgroup.com/. Therapy such as low back pain therapy is what makes it hard for some people with this situation to stand up, or even to be able to move. Pain that lasts more than three months is considered chronic pain that is not just going away. Some people have thrown out their backs from going to the gym or work in their garden, and this can happen from a bad movement in any situation.

Physical therapy may cause some improvement for all conditions. Active people sprain their ankle during sports activities or walking on top of uneven surfaces that can lead to an ankle fracture or sprain because 80% of people who have ankle or foot injuries may re injure themselves on occasion, as a result of hip and low back weaknesses. Turf toe is a condition affecting the big toe joint and that is common in professional athletes. Plantar fascistic is about heel pain due to a weak band.

Bunions cause the big to turn towards the second toe, which results in both pain and discomfort. The feet and the ankles can develop stress fractures, which are tiny breaks in the bone that occur because of repetitive stress to the area. Hand therapy can treat pain or feeling tingles in your hand or arm, swelling, numbness, tingling or feeling weak, and you also need physical therapy after surgery. You need physical therapy in Michigan. You could even wind up getting joint stiffness, dislocations, and sprains. There are ways of using non-surgical approaches. A sauna can improve arthritis and sleep disorders, or moods.

Our sauna can help heat your internal organs, while it also targets fat cells where the body stores waste and toxins. The Clearlight infrared sauna uses EMFs and was designed by doctors. Our sauna has can help with problems like weight loss because you can burn up to 600 calories or more just by relaxing in the gentle heat. Saunas aid in detoxification that releases toxins and our sauna will help boost your immune system by raising your body temperature and release heavy metal toxins trapped in organs.

Our knee therapy involves an individual session with a physical therapist to figure out the correct treatment program for you. Exercise is the main tool used to treat a knee injury or knee pain. The therapist will determine what modalities are useful for the specific type of condition. Manual therapy is the main focus of our clinic, using hands to provide effective treatment with benefits such as having less pain, and a better range of motion. We teach you how to relax muscles, and our techniques can break up scar tissue. Chronic neck pain is also our focus as treatment involves lowering pain and stiffness.

PELVIC FLOOR TREATMENT at JC Physical therapy includes treatment for urinary or fecal incontinence, frequent or urgent urination, and pain in the pelvis. These muscles may become weak or tight from pregnancy or childbirth. Causes of pelvic pain could be, endometriosis, or having to deal with long-term pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroid’s, bladder pain syndrome, digestive problems and more.

In order to treat shoulder pain, we have a physical therapist that is qualified to treat rotator cuff tendonitis, shoulder sursitis, frozen shoulder, and bicep tendinitis. The correct program will help you feel better and go back to regular activities. Having WORK RELATED INJURIES is something you could get treated with us also.

Visceral manipulation is a gentle form of therapy that is designed to help your body to release unhealthy ways of moving that cause pain. This therapy can help people with car accident injuries, those who have a dysfunctional spine, and are facing low back pain. Visceral manipulation can help sciatic pain, and chronic pelvic pain, including postoperative scars. Licensed professionals provide our services. You can choose any therapy provider you want, even as your initial evaluation will be 45-70 minutes, and each appointment would be 30-60 minutes. Physical therapy for pain can cause real improvement in your situation. Showing up to your appointments is a critical step. Call us today to set up your free consultation. You can reach your goal to live free from pain medications. Home exercises are tailored to what you need to get done with your physical therapy and are usually put together by determining what is best for you. You will improve with physical therapy, as you are showing up to be ready to get better as the first step in your goal to be pain-free. We will find you the right physical therapist you will be interested in working with.

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