Common Questions on creating TwitBacks

Q: How do I add my own contact information to my Twitter background?
A: Simply go to our signup page to get started and on the second step you will be able tp input your information

Q: Why won't my photo and/or logo upload?
A: It's either too large or in the wrong format. Make sure they are under 2 megs and in one of the following formats: .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp

Q: Why won't my TwitBacks background upload to Twitter?
A: Twitter may be busy or may be having technical difficulties that we can't control. If your background does not upload the first time we suggest downloading the background to your computer and try manually uploading to Twitter through the Twitter design settings option.

Q: Can I remove the small designed by branding?
A: Yes we give you the option to remove this branding for $4.99

Q: Can I edit my TwitBacks background?
A: Yes we save all background information you create and you can edit it anytime by logging in at

Q: How do I upload my created background to Twitter?
A: After you create your background you will be presented with an option to automatically upload it to Twitter directly from our system. We also allow you to download your background and manually upload it to Twitter. Click here to read our easy to follow tutorial on manually uploading your Twitter background.

Q: How do I remove (delete) my background from Twitter?
A: First login to your account > go to settings at the top right > click the design tab > click "Change background image" > click "Don't use a background image" and save.

Q: Why does the Twitter center feed section cover some of my background and left contact information?
A: How your Twitter background displays will vary based on your monitor size and screen resolution. If you are on a smaller monitor some of the left side may appear covered from Twitter's center feed. You can however adjust the width of your left panel contact box from the "Advanced Settings" on the bottom of the background creation screen. Setting the "about content width" to a smaller width will allow for it to display better on smaller screens.

Q: Why do you require my email?
A: Because we want to make sure you are a real person. Remember this is free and we don't want a bunch of people spamming it. Collecting your email address is a small step to help us avoid spammers.

Q: What do you do with my email?
A: Don't worry we won't re-sell it. We may however send you updates on cool new stuff, which of course you can opt out of.

Q: How much do your backgrounds cost?
A: offers backgrounds starting at only $4.99.